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We dive back into the mobile home park space but this time with Ryan Narus. Ryan definitely has strict criteria when it comes to investing into properties. He gives us a detailed list of do’s & don’t to always keep in mind and lays out the business plan and operations strategies he utilizes both in his day to day operations as well as when finding new deals. He also touches on what he views a great entrepreneur as, what drives him, and what he is passionate about. All these things together are what gets Ryan up every morning and what fuels him to perform at his best.

A little bit about our guest, 

Ryan graduated from Wake Forest University in 2009 with a major in Psychology and in 2016 with an MBA, concentrating in Operations and Business Analytics Statistics. Ryan started his career in sales and quickly became an award-winning salesman, selling nearly 900 cars in just under 4 years. He then authored a book sharing how to use Psychology to negotiate the best price at a car dealership. 

After achieving his MBA, Ryan joined Wells Fargo as a part of their leadership development program. Since 2015, Ryan has participated in over $30,000,000 of transactions/1800 units while driving millions of equity creation by his systems based approach. Currently, Ryan focuses on locating new opportunities and stabilizing the portfolio.

Take a look at some of the topics in this interview

  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 02:40 - Ryan’s career shift

  • 07:43 - Finding your comfort zone

  • 12:03 - What opened your eyes to MHP

  • 16:12 - Overcoming your first deal

  • 20:47 - What systems do you use to manage

  • 27:07 - What is your management setup

  • 39:13 - Ryan's biggest business risk


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Boring Investments
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