Dec 31, 2021 • 36M

Creative Development with Tyler Cauble

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Dylan Marma
A podcast hosted by Dylan Marma, dedicated to exploring how to make smart investment decisions and execute well in real estate and private equity. We will be interviewing top notch sponsors in various asset classes to understand how they think and the frameworks that they've put in place with the goal of achieving above average risk adjusted returns. This podcast won't give you "tips and tricks" or tell you how to "get rich quick" instead the Operators and Allocators podcast will give you real real estate strategies that work for real people. Visit and follow us on youtube and find highlights by searching "Operators and Allocators Highlights" on Youtube.
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We want to welcome Tyler Cauble to the podcast. Today we sat down together and discussed his real estate story. How your future could look so different from what you thought you wanted, He takes us on the path of “do it”. We learned so much about his “Micro Unit” selling, also shares what you should look for when putting a team together. We are excited to have Tyler on this episode of Operators & Allocators. A little bit about our guest, Tyler Cauble is Founding Principal and President of The Cauble Group. He's a native Nashvillian that has not only been a witness to the city's tremendous growth, but is also involved in it through his developments, renovation projects, and volunteer work. As President of The Cauble Group, Tyler helps bring together buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants in retail, office, industrial, and multi-family real estate. Tyler gives us a non traditional way of making a name for yourself in the real estate field Get everything in writing – Verbal or goodwill could make any deal sour The Developer leads the project – Keeping everything on track leads back to this person/team. Without a strong lead any project will fail Taking notes is important – Teamwork is valuable - Create the best team you can find. A superstar team will always win Make social moments - Create your properties with an emphasis on social Take a look at some of the topics in this interview 0:00 - Introduction 2:12 - Tyler gives us his story 4:44 - School education or take the Job route? 9:09 - Don't romanticize real estate development 9:54 - Developers are the conductor 15:59 - I believe in Micro units 17:44 - Biggest risk in investing 19:55 - Teamwork is vital 20:44 - Instagrammable properties 26:44 - Unpopular opinion 31:24 - Painful lessons 32:54 - Closing thoughts Tyler Cauble socials